Roofing Contractor Plano

Looking for a roofing contractor in Plano?  We have been offering roofing services in Plano for the last 20 years. We have first-hand experience in installing and repairing both residential and commercial roofs. We take pride in providing affordable rates for our work. After 20 years of work, we have upgraded to introducing cost-effective yet efficient methods. We work both directly with homeowners and indirectly with contractors and construction companies.

A roofing job is a serious investment. We understand that repairing or installing a roof doesn’t come cheap. When getting the job done, you should feel good about your Roofing Contractor. Which is why we encourage our clients to ask all questions. We can provide you with references, for you to feel good about your decision. Our two decades of roofing experience acknowledges that there are some fly-by-night companies. We are not one of them and we take our job seriously. We make long-lasting customers as we go. 

Finding a competitive Roofing Contractor in Plano means finding the right team for the job. Our team has delivered promising results on residential and commercial projects. Our team is dedicated in meeting your roofing needs. Gives us a ring today to get your roof finished in no time. We take pride in work around a schedule, and we stick to our timelines. All you need to do is to tolerate a bit of pounding on your roof for a few days.

Plano Roofing Contractor

Imagine the satisfaction of a freshly installed roof on your building. New roofs can add on to the curb appeal of residential or commercial property. Narrowing down on roofing color or design is a crucial step. We have different design options available. We will be more than happy to help you decide on a design or color. 

As a roofing contractor in Plano, we have seen several color combinations and looks that will make your roof stand out. Let us know your desired outlook, and we can help you choose an option that goes with your sidewalls. There are many choices to consider. Apart from different colors and designs, you can also choose to install a metal or an asphalt roof. They come with endless color options. Before heading for the job, be sure to ask your Roofing Contractor in Plano to see what roofing options you can qualify for.

Installing or repairing a roof is a big deal – which is why – Gene’s Construction is here to help!