Roof Repair Allen Texas

After the storms hit, roof repair Allen Texas becomes popular.  Losing shingles, cracks and damage can certainly cause issues with your roof.  If you are not certain the extent of the damage, we offer free roofing inspections Allen Texas.  This will allow a professional to take a look at your roof and determine if there is a need for roof repair Allen Texas.   Your roof repair Allen Texas should be done by a professional roofing company and not just some guys with a truck and hammer.  Your roof is a huge investment, why would anyone think to hand that over to amateurs?  Think about it, the roof covers all the rest of your assets and needs to be done properly to maintain it’s function.  We at Gene’s Construction have been in the roofing industry for years and are happy to help.  

Roofing Repair Allen TX

Roofing takes a bit of Engineering, it is not just slapping some shingles down and call it a day.  And, roof repair Allen Texas can mean more than just fixing a few shingles or a damaged area.  Water can seep down into the attic area and pool.  There can be damage to the ceiling and other parts of the building.  Getting your roof repaired in Allen Texas is a job best left to the professionals.  

Allen Texas Roof Repair

Roof damage often comes from storms, high winds and usually rain.  Rain means water, keeping the water out is important.  Water is the enemy to home construction if you have damaged the roof the water will find it’s the way in.  Need an Emergency roof repair?  Have you had a tree fall on your home in Allen Texas?  We can help.  If you have had a tree fall on your home or building, evacuate the building immediately and call us.  We will come out and take a look at the situation.  If the storm is still happening, the best thing to do is tarp it and wait for the storm to blow over.  If this happens to you, we will help you with your insurance company as well as tree removal.

Professional Roofers Allen TX

Roofing Repair Allen TX

If you have noticed some leaks in your ceiling that seem to be coming from the roof, you need to call.  This means that the water has traveled to the attic floor and has started to pool.  How long this water has been there, will determine how much damage there is.  After all, water travels, and sometimes it will run down the side of the wall and even inside walls, rotting everything in its path.  At the first sign of water, a professional should be called out to address what the damage is.  

When looking for help for your roof repair Allen TX you should look to the professionals.  We can help guide you on the steps to take with the insurance company as well as get you an accurate quote.  Remember sometimes the roof can be repaired, without needing a whole new roof.  It certainly all depends on the age of the roof, type of roof and the damage to the roof.  Give us a call and we are happy to offer a free roofing inspection.