From residential roofing projects to large scale commercial fixes and installs, we have all the equipment to restore your peace of mind.

Featured Project

Metal Roof Installation

Installing metal roofs require a certain roofer skill set. In contrast with a cheaply done metal roof, our experts can maintain the same color, use appropriate sealants with the correct standing seal panel.

We had a great experience at Gene's Construction. One of the roofers was an excellent point of contact. They made us a compelling pitch and then kept updating us at each stage of roof installation. We love that it has been expertly installed with no issues so far for 7 years.
Anna Patricia​
Manager of Finance Consultant

Commercial Roofing

Built-Up Flat Roof Installation

Commonly used on low slope roofs, BUR creates a continuous sealed protection on the surface of your roof. It has a fairly steep roof to let the water drip effectively.

"Our BUR did not cost too much and require little to no maintenance. It is amazingly waterproof and provides ultraviolet protection too."
John Allison

After Storm Damage

Wood Shake Roof Repair

To restore the weatherproofing ability of your roof, our roofers can guarantee secure installations and fixes that can prevent premature rot and decay.

"We repaired our roof, it was badly shaken and had broken splits.To protect the exposed felt, new wood shims were securely installed ."
Edward B. Suarez

Residential Roofing

Shingle Roof Replacement

Our experts can install budget friendly shingle roofs that has multiple color options. There are 18 types of shingle roofs to choose from which gives you a range of options.

"The shingle roof we installed is durable, weatherproof and has seen harsh weather conditions. Unlike most of our neighbors, we haven't faced any serious issues yet."
Alicia Potter

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Skylight Installation

Our 100% prefabricated sky light modules can be installed three times quicker than a traditional roof. Its easy installation saves you time all while saving energy too.

"In this busy retail environment, we needed quality installations of the commercial skylight roof. The guys from Gene's Construction wasted no time in installing it in a brink."
Kevin Clark