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Metal Roofs

Reasons Metal Roofing Is So Popular Today

Metal roofing is one of the most popular roofing styles for many homeowners. When putting up a house, metal roofing is an excellent choice. Many of the buildings in the modern world have metal roofs.

Metal Roofing Today

A report from the National Roofing Contractors Association has revealed growing popularity for metal roofs.  Homeowners are beginning to get deeper understating of the benefits of metal roofs.

There is a reason why metal roofs have been evolving quite rapidly. The past 20 years have seen the world embrace a whole new level of metal roofing styles. Metal roofs are different from the corrugated tin roofs on barns. Surprisingly, this is what jumps in the minds of many people when you mention metal roofing to them.

The reason why metal roofs are so popular today is the fact that they are very durable. The technology used in manufacturing metal roofs has been focused on their durability.  These roofs are built to withstand any weather. Then the fact that the metal roofs are light weight makes them ideal for making you feel at home.

It is easier to make any shape of a roof when using metal roofing. Homeowners have discovered this and will create any style for their homes. Genes Construction, LLC is also a general contractor in the Frisco, TX area. So, whatever you need from us, we’ve got it all covered for you. 

Why Are Metal Roofs Most Favored?

Several things make metal roofs stand out among any other type. They continue to grow in popularity every day because of these advantages. Consider the following.

They are easy to install.

Some of the roofing materials on the market take too long to complete the installation. If you are in a hurry to finish your house and move in, you might want to consider a roof that is easy to install.  With metal roofing, you can within a short period.

Because of this, metal roofs offer you reduced costs on labor. Fewer working hours mean you will have less to part with regarding expense.

Fire Resistant

One of the things that homeowners put into consideration is fire resistance. As much as possible, they try to get homes with reduced risk of fire.

Metal roofs have the best quality for fire resistance. Unlike other material, metal does not encourage fire to continue burning. Metal roofs don’t burn completely; therefore there are chances of saving a few things in case a fire breaks out.

It is one of the best reasons one would love to use metal roofs. If a fire breaks outside, chances of coming into the house are very minimal as they cannot pass through the roof.


Longevity is perhaps the most fundamental reason why people use metal roofs. They are very durable. Some of the metal roofing technologies in the world today offer up to 50 years warranty.  This is because the materials used to make the metal roofs are solid.  People want something that will last them for a long time. Constant repairs are very costly for a homeowner.  With metal roofing, such things are history.

Metal Roofing Is Lightweight

Metal roofs are very light. The design of your house does not suffer too much pressure. It means you can design a roof anyway you want, and it will remain the same for years.  This factor makes it easy for homeowners to choose metal roofing.

They Save On Energy Consumption

Metal roofs are good at reflecting the heat from the sun. It is an excellent advantage for homeowners as they keep on the energy used for cooling. Apart from this, this characteristic can help them qualify for tax credits.

What Are The Options For Materials?

Steel stands as the most commonly used type of material for metal roofing. Apart from steel, aluminum is another primary component of the roof type. Some manufacturers utilize alloys and copper, but they tend to be more costly.

Steel and aluminum stand as the most sensible types. They are very popular because of their economic value. These materials are also very good at holding painting finishes in place for long.  This allows the roof to look nice for years of services.

They are the most durable materials style on the market today. The two popular materials are manufactured with steel and aluminum offer a high durability feature.  However, keep in mind, aluminum is more prone to denting than steel. The reason is that the material is relatively soft compared to steel. Metal roofs made from aluminum are also relatively more expensive than that from steel. But aluminum won’t corrode as steel would. It is one of the advantages you will experience from aluminum in case there is a compromise in the finish.  Aluminum is also the perfect choice when trying to deflect as much heat absorption as possible.

Choosing Your Look:

Roofing style designs have been on the increase lately. People are looking to improve their roofs in new and better ways.  When you consider a metal roof look at the roof lines that you have now.  These can be easily changed as the metal roof goes on in sections and is much easier to install than some of the other traditional roofs.

There are two forms of metal roofing essential to residential buildings. There are the sheet-like panels that are the more popular type and single style of options. The two types of roofs look differently on the house, however, they have the same properties.  And, these come in a variety of colors, shapes, designs, and styles.  There simply is a huge amount of selection when choosing your metal roof.

–    Panel Roofing: Standing-seam roofing is the most common pattern of panel style roofing. It has raised ribs every 6 or 12 inches. It is applied vertically; this is why it appears to be just metal roofing.

–    Shingle Roofing: It is a bit different from sheet roofing. The metal is made into shapes that imitate tiles, wood shakes or slake.  There is typically more labor into installing this style versus the metal tile.

What Style Is Best For You?

Metal roofing is one of the most significant ways to finish your house. There are several advantages and disadvantages to it, but that is something familiar to any industrial product.