Commercial Roof Installation

Commercial Roof installation

Need Commercial roof installation and not sure where to turn?  Are you building a new commercial building and need someone with more experience to get the roof completed?  We have worked in the Commercial roof installation business for over 20 years and are very familiar with the various commercial roofing types.  Commercial roof installation isn’t something that you’d want to just trust anyone with, as this is another animal from Residential roofing.

There are more options and the area tends to be much larger.  Save yourself some time, money and hassle and hire an expert.  We are also happy to offer replacement commercial roof installation, should your roof need replacing.  And, if you are not sure if your roof needs replaced we can do a roof inspection for you.  This will allow you to know how long you have to save for that new roof.  A new commercial roof installation is a very big investment.

Looking for Commercial Roof Installation

Commercial roof installation isn’t something that should be taken lightly.  Depending on what your commercial building is being used for will help us determine what commercial roof is best for you.  The style and design of the building and the foundation to what it can hold up.  Commercial roofing installations should be done with ease.  And, you should feel confident that the commercial roofing installation is being done correctly.  Be sure to ask questions if you have them.  We understand that commercial roofing installation isn’t something you do every day, but it is something we do.  And, sometimes we get going and forget others aren’t doing this day and day out.  So, ask, we are friendly and knowledgeable on Commercial roofing installation and are happy to help.

Styles of Commercial Roof Types

There are very different styles of commercial roofing.  This is just like residential roofing but completely different if that makes sense.  There is Thermoplastic Roofing, which is very resistant to the elements.  They are great in high temperatures as well as the lower night temps.  EPDM Roofing is the easiest to repair, maintain and install for commercial roofing installation.   And, the types that are for residential can work as well, things like Asphalt roofing and tile roofing.  This really is very dependent on the size and structure that we are looking at.

Whether it be commercial or residential roofing installation, Genes Construction has got it all covered for you. 

Curb Appeal is important in commercial roof applications.  This is your business and you want it to look nice and presentable.  Everyone has been to that town where there are 2 gas stations, one is nice, clean and modern, thus inviting and the other is run down, dirty and in shambles.  Typically the clean and modern one will be full of people, while the other just sits there.  This is due to the curb appeal of the building.  You want your building to look nice and your parking lot to be easy to navigate.  Making things easy for people to come to your business and enjoy their experience.  This entire feeling has to have thought of the roofing system as well as the front door.  After all the roof is a pretty large part of your entire building.