About Us

With our two decades of roofing experience, you can count on us to cover for you.

Professional and Expert Roofing Contractor

Our master balancers and roofing experts bring the colors of America home. We provide the peace of mind that weatherproofing your roof brings.  Fear no leakage, with roofs that are dried from the inside and protects your home from damaging. 


Our Core Values

We strive for meaningful relationships shaped by integrity, safety and the quality of our services. We minimize any or all safety risks and assure guaranteed quality of our services.

Flexible Schedule

Our roofing team can work around a time that is suitable for you.

Affordable Package

We aim to provide robust roofing solutions within your budget.

Guaranteed Quality

Once we are done working on your roof, rest assured it will be stronger than ever.

Our Mission

At Gene’s Construction LLC, we aim to provide our clients with quality roofing services in residential and commercial regions. We prioritize customer relationships that are based on honesty, professionalism and mutual respect. Our team commits to construct in a timely and responsible manner. 

Our Vision

Our goal is to offer a peace of mind to our customers and guarantee them strong repairs, replacement and installations. We focus on giving you a roofing experience that lets you stay unbothered about roofing problems for a good long while. At Gene’s construction, we prioritize roof reliability and quality.

Awards & Achievement

With values that has helped put forward the quality of our work, we have gained a great reputation and a legion of loyal customers over the years. This has helped us grow our business through the roof.